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A Tale of Two Experiences

| February 11, 2019
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“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” – Charles Dickens

I share the same birthday as Charles Dickens, who wrote among others “A Tale of Two Cities.” Allow me to share with you a “Tale of Two Experiences.” Last Friday evening we ate at a locally owned POKE BOWL restaurant. It was our second visit, we tried new menu items, and they were as flavorful and well prepared as the first visit. The place is small and in a strip center, service is not perfect, but it is caring, our food came in reverse of the way we ordered it. The owner makes a point to talk with every table. This is not a “fancy” restaurant, but the owner cares that you enjoy your meal. Do you need your Hot Tea warmed up? Do you like the new bowls for the entrée’s? He also bought a cheap camera with self-developing film (think old school Polaroid you shook while it developed) and was taking pictures of folks who were part of making 2019 a success, eating there. We had a conversation about Green Tea, honey, and ginger; he went to a cooler and produced a can of tea from Hawaii he enjoys and sent it with our left-overs at no charge. We will be returning to eat and support this wonderful establishment.

This morning, I stopped in a new coffee shop. New building, two different seating areas, one like a living room and one like – well a coffee shop. The music was loud, they were not busy, two people entered to a “Welcome to X” from the staff, one simply walked in un-noticed. I guess the two employees were busy making a coffee. Their pricing was in line with the standard coffee chain pricing, however things like a latte were made by machine. I am sure it was a really expensive machine, it housed the real cream, the coffee, etc… and they pushed the latte button. It was certainly better than a convenience store machine latte, but was not a hand-crafted drink – note it was priced as the latter not the former. I am not likely to return, at least by my choice.

Businesses both succeed and fail for any number of reasons. Having a plan and interacting now and then to check on that plan, may not guarantee success, but it certainly makes it more likely. Investing via “on-line self-managed” accounts works for some and not for others. Each of us on the Utica Capital team appreciate the trust you have placed in us, to help make your legacy possible. If you have a “good or poor” service experience respond back and share it with us. It is always a chance to learn, and an example we might implement in a future conversation. Have a great week!

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