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Change is Constant

| July 06, 2020
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Change is difficult. Change can be frustrating. Change happens without asking. Change is constant. Change is also an opportunity to grow. Change is great new beginnings. Change is improvement. Change is constant.
Not all change is asked for, and not all change is what we want. Yet, it happens anyway.
Change - like cars which last closer to 200,000 miles than lucky to approach 100,000 or gas mileage closer to 25mpg in your truck than 12mpg - is good. Change - like losing a loved one or having your home destroyed - is difficult. In the best of scenarios change can still be awkward, and at its worst, change can be life altering. Eventually as humans and as a society we adapt and overcome change, often from a combination of educated action and unexpected events. 2020 has been a year of adaptation and change so far, and with nearly 6 months to go, we are probably not done yet. The investment markets have seen great change, business models have changed, personal health practices have changed, the list goes on and on. As an individual your morals and beliefs should continue to be your guide through change, it is what makes us who we are, and yes those beliefs can grow and change as well. Nothing worthwhile is simple. Investment holdings may change based on markets and economic factors even though your long-term goal has not changed. It is adaptation to the real factors in the immediate of the world around you which allows you to survive and to succeed. Differentiating between good and bad change can be hard, sometimes in a very confusing way change is both desirable and horrible at the same time. Having support of family and friends as well of a vision of what is not yet done, is your best antidote for change.
For each of us at Utica Capital our goal is help you work through change, to turn its impact into opportunity, and concern into creativity. The first half of 2020 presented many changes and challenges, if you have rethought your goals and needs - make sure to communicate that with our team so we can update those needs into your legacy plan. If you have been hesitant to commit fully to finishing your legacy planning, and taking those next steps, perhaps now is the time to step up. We are here to listen, discuss, plan, and implement. Have a great week.

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