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Choose Your Financial Path

| April 23, 2018
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“Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes.” Oscar Wilde

The next time you are traveling down the interstate, imagining where all these vehicles are going, and wondering if some them will ever make it, take a mental snapshot of that point in time. The vast network of America’s roads, vehicles, and drivers, is very much like the financial network of markets, investment accounts, and individual investors. The ability to reach your financial legacy is out there. It can be reached in a number of different ways, and at different speeds. You control that path to success, much like you pick the route driving toward a vacation destination.

The financial path, much like that highway, is filled with different vehicles. Some are headed in the same direction and some going the opposite way. Each and everyone of you are unique as a person, a couple and in your goals. Your vehicle, or fleet of vehicles (otherwise known as a portfolio of investments) are what help get you to your intended destination/legacy. When it comes to investing toward your financial goal it can be done via several different paths. Only you can decide what type of accounts and advice you will utilize. Ask questions and think about your long-term intentions. We partner with our clients to do three things. Define a legacy, build a legacy, and preserve a legacy. Don’t be distracted on the highway by cars going slower or faster than you. Only you know your path and timeline, worrying about someone else’s measure is a waste of your resources. Have a great week.

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