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Coronavirus 2020

| March 03, 2020
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COVID-19 otherwise known as "The Coronavirus" is very real. This past week’s market declines are very real as well. I can not begin to tell you which one will last longer, in fact it is kind of a silly thought. One should always look beyond the latest headline toward longer-term trends, and longer-term personal needs. Think risk tolerance, age, time until retirement or income transition. The outbreak is real, but has there been any material change in long term outlook for companies from two weeks or a month ago? Not really. Even in travel related stocks their risk exposure is of a more short term, than longer term issue. Eventually people will go back to flying to Europe and China, trade shows and economic forums will resume, and "normalcy" will return. I am not making a general call to sell all or hold all. Every one of you is unique with your own unique needs, timelines, and factors. That is why we customize your portfolio and your legacy. We have spoken with many of you, we are honored to continue to do so, and will answer any question and give our honest opinions, based on your (not the general population) needs.

You cannot invest directly in market indices. Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. 

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