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Growth and Change

| August 27, 2018
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“We cannot forever hide the truth about ourselves, from ourselves.” – John McCain

Change. What you get back after paying for a drink at the gas station. To alter or make different. Adapt, Modify, Convert, Transform. Change can mean many things. At times we have control of change like choosing to drink water rather than buy a soda, thus saving your money and your overall health. However, at the same time our bodies change every day, hair grows, we expose ourselves to the elements around us, we can’t stop the change. And as tempting as halting change might seem, I don’t think any of us really want that.

Growth, Development, Transformation. Yes, transformation, a word that is synonymous with change, yet carries a more positive image when you think of transforming or being transformed. Don’t we all want to transform over our lives as students, parents, workers, hobbyists, and beyond. That smartphone you have in your pocket or are reading this on, well it changed -neigh transformed the world we live in. Landline phones worked perfectly fine, yet changing to a cell phone; while we are sometimes a little too connected, we are also able to instantly stay in touch with bosses and loved ones (sometimes they are one in the same) nearly 100% of the time. Family births and deaths, the video or live stream of a child’s Karate achievement, that smile after making your first “hole in one.”

Having spent days with much of the Utica Capital team last week, we are already talking about how we can modify, adapt, and convert some of our processes and models to improve what we do and offer. What we are really talking about however is not just change but transformation, pushed even farther one might say evolution. We all change everyday, our commitment to those who place their financial legacy in our hands, is evolution. Have a great week, attached is the weekly market update. You want to create transformation today, smile at someone, buy the next person in line a coffee, or just ask a stranger 3 questions about how they got where they are – you both might transform with this last one……

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