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Learn Advance and Interact

| August 13, 2018
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“For success, attitude is equally important as ability.” - Walter Scott

As the world continues to advance we all have a choice in how we respond to said change. Access to the internet changed our ability to access data, to information, and to distribution channels. Yet when it first started dial-up internet took minutes sometimes to load, but the information at our keyboard was exhilarating. Now anything more than a couple second pause and we wonder what is wrong with our connection, our computer, our tablet, or Oh My-What is Wrong with my Phone! For many years I was fairly computer savvy, I could fix little problems, even change out components. Now, I am just computer sad. If you don’t use it, you lose it; or at least fall so far behind you might as well have lost it, because you have been both passed up and lapped once or twice.

“Practice makes perfect”-as the saying goes, holds true. Do you want the ASE certified mechanic to change a seal or gasket on your vehicle, or the guy who does your oil-changes? Both work on cars, right? I want the experience certified mechanic. I put myself, and more importantly my family in that vehicle, I want the “peace of mind” knowing that a qualified individual did the job. Sports, same thing. How many of you have kids or grandkids who play in a sport? Do they practice? Is there a coach to instruct and to help make them better? Probably more than one. Taking a step back to look at how others do the same “job” as you or I do, can provide insight. Being interviewed by a student, or an intern can shake your own insight into how you do what you do. Because they will ask questions, your employees and competition wont. And while they may have to write a report, you have to sleep at night with your own thoughts.

Take time to learn, to advance, to interact with others inside your field and out. Don’t be afraid to open yourself up a little and see what shakes out. It might be a little rust. Next week will be a “Best Of” repeat commentary from a while back, myself and most of the Utica Capital team will taking time to attend our annual conference. An opportunity to take my own advice if you will. If you have any needs the team will be available as always. Have a great week.

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