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Life is Hard

| July 30, 2018
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“Life is hard.” – Coach Cagle

 It has been about 5 years since I used this quote from my sons Cross Country Coach and English Teacher.  It is something we should all practice and teach to those around us. Coach would say point blank “Practice is going to be hard! You need to be prepared; prepared to run and prepared for life.  Life is hard, and you better get good at hard, or it will only get harder.”  Coach is correct, and the earlier in life you figure this out, the better off you are.  If you work hard enough, are successful enough, and make some good “hard” choices you will have the opportunity to enjoy a life which is a little less hard later on.  That is what many of us dream about and focus on.  Whether enjoying your hobbies, sharing your knowledge with others, or whatever comes with your version of success, it all starts with hard.

 Making budgets, and especially sticking with them is hard.  Establishing goals and then meeting them is hard.  Heck, some days getting out of bed is hard, and parenting-HARD.  Each of us has and will make both gains and mistakes along our paths.  Knowing there is a path which we can actively play a part in building is what excites me about helping you, in taking care of hard.  Success should be celebrated, and setbacks should be looked at as opportunities to show how good you are at hard, and then get back on track. Otherwise you will have let hard take one of your goals and buried it.  The next hard thing that comes along this week, give it a little smile in the corner of your mouth, and then take it on.

 Have a great week.

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