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Defining Your Activities

| March 26, 2018
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“Most people have the will to win, few have the will to prepare to win.” -Bobby Knight

Life is about making choices, adapting to challenges, and moving forward. Sports teams, make in game adjustments. Corporations must make strategic plans around a changing economy, technology, consumer demands, or all the above. Each of us must make choices at home, work, financially, and even in our attitudes.

On the wall in my office is a picture of five 12-year-old boys at summer camp from several years ago. One of their duties at camp was taking three turns during the week to clean the bathroom and shower house, a facility used by about 50+ people. Each day it went from clean to filthy. These five, rather than whine and find excuses, choose to “attack” the building for 15 minutes and render it cleaner than any other at camp. The picture on my wall shows them with cleaner bottles, toilet brushes, bags, and more, also with big smiles and their best “Charlies Angels” type pose. It always makes me smile. They did not let the job define them, they decided to define the job instead. A lesson we should always be open too.

Tax season is winding down, make sure you contribute to those IRA and ROTH IRA accounts if available, if you are not sure, call the office we will help you. Budget tight, adopt a couple small changes, and start even small monthly contributions for next year. Paying “too much” in personal or business tax, let us take a look at ways we might help meet your financial goals. Have a great week, enjoy the attached weekly update, and just maybe “redefine” one of your activities this week.

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