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March Madness

| April 01, 2019
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"Your positive action combined with positive thinking results in success." -Shiv Khera

Big things don’t just happen, they are built. My family moved to a new home less than 10 miles away from our old house last weekend, last Friday to be more exact. But did it really? It began with a discussion of why we might need to move, deciding to list a house and shop, make and receive offers, secure financing, set up utilities, turn off utilities, and much more. All before we ever “moved,” and then of course there was the packing of each individual item in our home, one piece at a time, one box at a time, one room at a time, until finally we were ready for help on moving day. It was a lot of work and a big achievement, but it did not happen in one day.

Hitting 3-Point shots, playing tenacious defense and upsetting three basketball bluebloods on the way to a final four appearance does not happen within two 20-minute halves (or even overtime if needed.) It happens at practice, in the gym, and in the training room for months – resulting in a big event. There is no luck, you are not prepared for. People don’t retire early, have glorious lives, or get rich quickly (not counting winning the lottery-which is harder to do than get struck by lightning, and no one wants to sign up for that) they build on education, skills, and a vision that got them to a point which seems fortunate and glorious. And it is; it just simply did not happen overnight. It happened as the result of many steps, of planning, and a vison of legacy. If you are hoping for a legacy, buy the lottery ticket; if you would like to define and build a legacy, Utica Capital is happy and honored to help play a role in your vison.

Have a great week. Hopefully I can find the power cord for the TV before the Final Four tips off !

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