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Merry Christmas!

| December 17, 2018
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MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL. Happy Holidays, and cheers to a blessed and prosperous New Year. 2018 was a very different year than 2017, and 2019 will hold its uniqueness. It should not be scary, it simply “Is what it is.” You may take the same path to the grocery store, or home from work each day; yet even though the path is the same the drive-the experience- is different.

This is the final full 5-day trading week of 2018, and is my final weekly commentary, you won’t hear from me in this format again until 2019. If you are focused on where the market is going to end on 12/31/2018, then you are focused on the wrong thing. The market and the economy have had a solid run the last 10 years. Worried about a correction, another market drop and recession like 2008? If you are in or near retirement, yes it has a more direct impact on you, however you should, as a general rule, already be invested in a manner which is protective of market volatility. If you are younger, give the market time to do what it does over time, which is a growth trend. If I had said 10 years ago today the market would not only erase its losses, but triple in value over the next 10 years-would you have believed me? Because it has.

I did not predict the markets growth and I won’t predict its declines either, both will happen over given periods of time. Building and Preserving your Legacy is about creating an environment where your goals and needs are melded with a financial moving picture which ends up with thousands of return trips home from the grocery, work or wherever. Don’t just get home today, get home every day for a long, long time. The media tends to create drama and a frenzy. Do yourself a favor, in fact consider it a Holiday gift to yourself, turn off the talking heads on the 24-hour news and watch a Charlie Brown Christmas, It’s a Wonderful Life, or the 24-hours of Holiday shows on the Hallmark Channel. You will be a lot less stressed, and your roommate or spouse might enjoy sharing a nice cup of cocoa with you.

Feel free to share a holiday story, tradition, or picture with myself and the wonderful Utica Capital family.
Investors cannot directly invest in indices; past performance does not guarantee future returns.

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