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Overcoming obstacles

| July 16, 2018
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Winning and being successful is not about perfection. It is about execution and moving forward, regardless of the challenges, obstacles, and unforeseen. I was fortunate to sail as guest crew on a fast boat this past weekend. The boat finished first in its fleet for each of the two races. We did not win because we sailed the course perfectly or made the exact right timing on each sail change and trim. In fact, we probably made 50 mistakes in each race, with a couple being fairly significant, although common. After a race we would talk and evaluate how to improve on a handful of actions, but during the race there is no time, you adjust-make the next best decision and keep the boat moving forward toward the next mark.

Business, life, and financial planning have a lot of correlations to sailing a good race. It is not about perfection, it is about avoiding fatal errors. If you cross the starting line early in a race, you must return and re-start while everyone else continues, thus you are now behind the current leaders. Yet, we coach our race kids constantly, if you are not over early every now and then­ you are not trying hard enough to get the ideal position and start. In business if we are not striving to be better and to improve, then we are giving our competitors a window to overtake us. In all phases of life, we can overcome errors, often we learn from them and become better as a result. If you have a long term financial plan it may call for investing aggressively or conservatively, or both. Sailboat races among friends at the local club level can be just as competitive at the line as an America's Cup or Olympic race. In other words, at any level, an error is an error, the ability to overcome and adapt gets rewarded, and a win is a win, at the end of the day, or as you pass along your legacy.

Have a great week.

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