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Preparing for the "Slammed"

| April 09, 2018
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“The most effective way to do it, is to do it.” Amelia Earhart

Somethings you do when you can, others you do when they are planned, and then there is that “life” group of things you do when they happen and demand you adapt to them. Take this past weekends “Last Taste of Canada” weather front. In my area there was no one doing those outdoor “can do” tasks on Saturday. Misty, Foggy, 37-degree weather, with wind gusts near 30mph, and some areas saw snow or sleet. Not a day for outdoor “Can-do” projects. “Planned” events or actions are different. Take for instance an outdoor statewide youth tournament, on the calendar for months and not something available to change. Some minor adaptations happened, extra clothing may have come into play, but the events happened; because they were scheduled or planned on a specific date and time. That third “life” group, well Saturday a friend woke up a little chilly amid the “Arctic Weather Ride” to find his heater had gone out. Yes, likely (hopefully) the last really cold couple of spring days, and he must get an HVAC repair done. Not when he thought he could do it, or when he planned to do it, but when circumstances dictated it be done.

All three of these categories happen to each of us, sometimes in one day. From the perspective of financial planning and financial readiness, we recommend and work with our clients to take care of the “Cans and the Plans” so we minimize the damage of the unexpected life events or “Slams.” Budgeting, making regular/monthly contributions to accounts, taking a portion of that unexpected bonus check and saving it, not things which are always easy; yet things which put you in a more sustainable long-term position. Taking care of these, won’t make the “Slams” go away, but you will be in a better position to deal with them, whatever they may be.

I know of kids playing baseball, soccer, and yes even sailing this past weekend, because they were planned. The conditions “life” through at them were a challenge, and most everyone took on the challenge; but those who regularly do “Cans and Plans” were a little less “Slammed.”  Feel free to share with family and friends, and have a great week.

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