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Ring in the Holidays

| December 04, 2017
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Some Christmas holiday lovers start decorations and preparations right after Halloween.  Others, use Thanksgiving as their kick-off point.  And there is a third group who by choice, or other, wait until at least the first week of December to put up any decorations or tune in the Holiday channel on the radio/iPod/Alexa.  Welcome to December folks, it is three weeks to Christmas, the parties, events, shopping and more are in full swing.  Ready or not. 

Interestingly the same patterns one see’s around the Holiday’s can also be seen around Tax Time, Retirement, and turning on Social Security.  Some folks are early to the game, and others (you know who you are) wait until the last possibly minute to file.  But the deadline, the actual event happens no matter what.  If you wait until the last minute and perhaps miss the opportunity to find that one special gift a loved one requested; you will find something for them.  And, likely they will be happy especially if you make it up to them at the next Birthday, Valentines or other opportunity.  People, especially loved ones are like that. 

The IRS, Social Security Administration, etc…. they are not so friendly or flexible.  It is why planning is so important.  Last minute decisions can be rushed, and details missed, perhaps important ones.  That is not to say plans can not and should not change as we progress through our lives, however the legacy we create for our families now and future deserve to be the best we can make them.  Discussion, planning, building, and ongoing review do take a little time; they also are the recipe on which strong foundations or family legacies are built.

 Enjoy your version of the Holidays and start to think about what great opportunities a new year will bring to you. 

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