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Three Little Bears

| March 25, 2019
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"There is nothing like a dream to create the future." -Victor Hugo

In 2017 the markets rose in a relatively steady pattern all year, it was amazing and boring at the same time. Then when some normal market movement (think volatility) came back in 2018, many investors were uncomfortable at first. Eventually, we understood and become more comfortable with the return to more “normal” market conditions. When the market did take a huge correction in the fourth quarter of 2018, some folks jumped into panic mode again, the pattern was changing, and it was more uncomfortable. Christmas came, and literally starting the day after, the markets began to quickly climb back up. Now, depending on whom you want to listen to the markets may be “overvalued- undervalued-just right” sounds like the three bowls of porridge. Those three bowls are for different people, each is just right for them and their tastes.

Your portfolio and your experience should be built and managed to be in your realm of ‘just right” which may not be your neighbors, your brothers, or even your spouses bowl of portfolio porridge. Frequently we as humans get caught up in little habits or patterns, until something shakes us out of it. Sometimes, it’s a hard shake, and other times it is a friendly face with a little reminder of what is important in our lives. Saving and investing is just a goal or activity, your legacy, that is the outcome of the activity over time. Don’t confuse the how with the why, the why is what keeps you committed to those activities even when we do get uncomfortable.

Have a great week.

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