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Ups and Downs

| June 25, 2018
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“If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.” – Lao Tzu

Life is full of ups and downs. Somedays it feels like each decision you make backfires…wrong line at the checkout, wrong route home from work, or the one white shirt which ended up in your washing machine with the red clothes. Other days you can do no wrong – slept in 30 minutes but no traffic means getting to work at the normal time, or taking a couple hours to do something for yourself-only to run into an old friend, or a new business partner, because you went somewhere you normally would not have been at that time… funny how these can balance out.

Opportunity can happen at any time, but when you throw the door wide open, it sure makes Opportunities path to you a whole lot more accessible. How do you open that door? Routines are great, and in many work instances are required. However, doing something different now and then take a little time for yourself, selfishly. Buy someone a coffee or meal, take a treat to a neighbor you have never met. When you step out of that normal routine, abnormal things happen. Sometimes they are scary, sometimes you don’t want to repeat them, and then there are the times when Opportunity walks right into you.

Step off from your routine at least once this week, and perhaps some new opportunity will meet you head on. Might be big, might be little-might even turn out to be the wrong exit – or at least so it seems at the time. 

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