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Veteran's Day

| November 12, 2018
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“The best offense is a good defense.”

Many a sports coach believes in this philosophy. In basketball you see a variety of half-court defenses, sometimes a full-court press is applied, and a few teams/coaches employ the full-court press for the entire game. It takes more effort and energy to keep up a full court press, but it almost always causes a disruption for the opponent. On this week where we celebrate Veterans Day – we honor those who have served in any, and all, capacities. Politics and globalism ideals aside – we need to think of our soldier’s service like a full-court press. It takes resources, creates demands, and it comes at a cost. It also causes disruption of those who would like to bring their ideals to our soil. Sometimes a full-court press means not having to play offense on our home side. We owe our Veterans a tremendous debt for the sacrifices they have made, in many cases, giving the ultimate sacrifice of their lives. The families of these brave soldiers pay a price as well.

Whatever your feelings about our military and their families, our politics, and religion/social values – take a moment in whatever way is comfortable to you and give Thanks for those who have served. We have been, and still are, a safer nation; protecting each our thoughts, values, opinions, and beliefs regardless, because they stood for us. They stepped up to play defense whenever and wherever they were asked.

Have a wonderful week, and stay warm in this widespread November cold-front.

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